What is a Horizontal – Market GPO?

Whereas a vertical GPO assists organizations in specific industries, such as health care, food service, legal, dairy, and industrial manufacturing, a horizontal GPO assists companies across a broad spectrum of industries. With a Focus on Non-strategic, or indirect... read more


Welcome to our newly launched website!  We are happy that you have stopped by to check us out.  We are passionate about serving our Group Members and creating long lasting relationships with our Supplier Partners.  We are here to help your business reduce costs and increase revenues.  We do this through our Group Purchasing Organization and our Professional Services Capabilities.

Our Go2GPO experts leverage the operational spend of all our members and negotiate contracts designed to help you simplify your processes, save you money and create a competitive advantage.  There is no cost o join and is risk free!

We invite you to take advantage of our decades of “hands on” Supply Management expertise Professional Services Capabilities at discounted rates for our Group Members regardless of the size of our engagement.  We have a scalable model that works well with organizations of all sizes and locations.  Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.

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