We offer a full range of business services…

Our Group members engage us for all kinds of reasons—for insights and advice, for strategy and execution. We offer integrated services across a full range of business disciplines, bringing deep expertise and proven methodologies developed over years of functional and managerial experience. We help your business operate more efficiently and achieve sustainable success.

We understand the challenges you face, and we have the experience and expertise to help you meet them. From rapid change to increasing complexity, from growing revenue to containing costs and ensuring compliance—the things that keep you up at night are what get us up in the morning.

We offer a full range of business services…

Our Group members engage us for all kinds of reasons—for insights and advice, for strategy and execution. We offer integrated services across a full range of business disciplines, bringing deep expertise and proven methodologies developed over years of functional and managerial experience. We help your business operate more efficiently and achieve sustainable success.

We understand the challenges you face, and we have the experience and expertise to help you meet them. From rapid change to increasing complexity, from growing revenue to containing costs and ensuring compliance—the things that keep you up at night are what get us up in the morning.


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Resources – Expertise

We are proven professionals with an average of 20 years’ experience across a broad range of business disciplines and initiatives. We’re former business leaders from both industry and consulting. We have the expertise, experience and a vast network of scalable connections to get the job done—from advice through execution. 

Critical Offerings & Initiatives

We help all of our client’s companies all over the country to improve market share, contain/lower costs, manage risk, streamline processes, enhance workplace performance, enrich talent and to improve shareholder value. We have the proven approaches and subject matter expertise to lead and execute your critical initiatives.


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We are supply chain professionals who have a passion for the success of our clients.  We understand the benefits that the right people, processes and technologies can bring to an organization’s bottom line.  We firmly believe that Procurement and Supply Chain Management are two of the most critical to deliver results leading to greater profitability and process improvement.

We deliver an exceptional customer experience by listening to the needs of the business and the voice of the customer (internal and external).  

We assist our clients in building new solid relationships with their supply base and with their internal stakeholders using almost 90 years of extensive experience, the proper engagement models, true cross-functional collaboration and “win-win” strategies.  

We are both Servant Leaders and Trusted Advisors!

We recognize how the organizational unique infrastructure of every Procurement team can help to maximize the strategic goals of an organization.  We also offer the following Professional Services to support these efforts:

  • Interim Support – short & long term (all levels)
  • RFx Support
  • Coaching & Staff Development
  • Private Equity Due Diligence
  • Contract Negotiation Strategy & Support, Management and Implementation
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Talent Acquisition and Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supply Risk Assessments
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Internal Consulting
  • Project Management

Our Key Attributes:

  • Extreme Professionalism
  • Demonstrated Subject Matter Expertise – average of 20 years of Supply Chain Management experience in various industries, countries and consultancies
  • Insightful Leadership, Organizational Planning and Design
  • Strong, collective “Team” approach
  • Extensive industry contacts, support network and scalability
  • Thoughtful and detailed communications with a primary focus on good Listening
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Exceptional supplier relationship management skills
  • Skilled negotiators

From strategic sourcing to outcomes management, we can assist with the entire sourcing lifecycle.


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Our Category Management processes are powerful methods of managing categories of spend as strategic business plans, which feed actionable strategic sourcing project pipelines to produce improved business results.  

It is totally inclusive, exhaustive, fact-based and encompasses the entire procurement cycle and It drives total team involvement and “thoughtful” measurable results!

Our Supply Chain Management training is a soup-to-nuts approach that encompasses the entire value chain that delivers sustainable results and process improvements that create a competitive advantage by saving “real money”…

We offer cutting edge, insightful and inclusive strategies for:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Category Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Sales Training – “The Other Side of the Table”
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Internal and External

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When it comes to your bottom line, there’s no stronger investment that will make a better impact than hiring the best people your business can find and we bring many solid years of direct multi-industry experience, professional certifications/search techniques and a very deep and detailed “relationship based” approach to every search (both Retained and Contingency) that is specifically designed to find the optimum fit for our client’s needs…

We are AIRS Certified Recruiters.  We have a comprehensive database of highly qualified procurement professionals, which is updated constantly with new candidates. We specialize in placing professionals with a strong background in Supply Chain Management including – strategic sourcing, procurement, category management, purchasing, supply chain, sales & marketing and business development. These are individuals with a track record of success, passion and a dedication to professional growth and development. This focus allows us to provide our clients with carefully screened professionals to ensure that their skills and knowledge are current and qualified for today’s market place needs.

7-Step Process to Deliver Top Candidates

Our firm follows a rigorous and disciplined 7-step process to assist our clients in attracting and hiring the best possible candidates. We incorporate this market-proven process to ensure the highest levels of quality and service for our clients. Our recruitment team is AIRS Certified.


1. Understand Your Organization

Before we can identify any candidates for a position, it is crucial that we understand our client’s organization. Some examples of the type of information we need include: company culture (including characteristics of the ideal candidate), values, products & services, competitors, etc.

2. Profile

By creating a comprehensive profiling document, we are able to target candidates that will meet your specific needs.  This is a tailored and customized profile that will expedite the search for the ideal candidate. Through a detailed interview session with the hiring manager and other key stakeholders, we will develop and draft a profile that includes the company and business unit, position, direct reports, peer group, behavioral and technical competencies, details on affiliations, interviewing process, minimum requirements to hire, target competitors, as well as a sample performance appraisal. This profile enables us to answer specific questions from candidates resulting in sourcing the best candidates to create a competitive advantage for your company.

3. Sourcing

Source – Finding excellent candidates for the job.  Quite often this entails creating a multi-faceted strategy to find and attract the talent you need.  Sourcing translates the position profile into resources, postings and ultimately candidates.  Sourcing consists of multiple activities and any and all of those activities can be part of the ultimate sourcing strategy.

• Industry Specific Events

• Job Postings

• Job Fairs

• College Recruiting

• Internet Search including passive, active, and diversity candidates

• Social Media and Networking

We use advanced Boolean search techniques, top search engines and best in class metasearch engines that allow more than one data source to be searched simultaneously for finding candidates that match the profile we have developed for the position.

We think like detectives and we harvest documents, keywords, links, references and locations that assist us in finding information and more candidates.

4. Contact and Screen

Through best in class techniques and technologies, we contact and screen identified potential candidates.  We first visually, to determine that they have the required skills on their resume’, then we personally have a conversation to gain additional insights and validation of their experiences and to determine potential fit within your organization.   We then create a top slate of five talented professionals for you to review their credentials and interview.  In addition to the screening process, we conduct preliminary reference checks and verify employment, professional experience & educational achievements.

5.  Manage

Our firm believes strongly in clearly defining the roles, responsibilities, deliverables, and time frames throughout the recruitment process. These expectations are clearly delineated in our Service Level Agreement, resulting in our recruitment team communicating with hiring managers every step of the way.   Additionally, at the end of the recruitment process, our clients will have the opportunity to fill out a Quality Hiring Survey that will assist our recruitment team in refining our practices.

6.  Close

Our firm values people and we pride ourselves on developing and fostering long-term relationships.  We do this by treating others how we want to be treated our self – with respect.  We hold ourselves accountable and we communicate with candidates through each step of the process.  We overcome objections resulting in hiring the BEST person.

7.  Leverage

By creating warm relationships, we have the ability to exponentially develop our reach into the talent pool.  We can do this with phone calls as well as adopting the latest technology to continue connecting.  By taking the time to develop a customized position profile upfront, we are armed with all the facts and data as well as the skills set requirements to successfully leverage the position and your company.  We also understand and can “sell” the cultural environment so the candidate can understand and get a sense of what they will be experiencing on the job from day one.

Strategic Sourcing

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We tailor and customize Strategic Sourcing Processes to harness your company’s need for those specific products and skills that best “optimize’ sustainable and competitive advantages for our Clients. Our methodologies develop a secure, cost efficient and responsive supply base that is designed to meet the current and future Quality, Delivery, Cost, Technology, Flexibility and Service needs of our clients. We have Strategic Sourcing Solutions for businesses of all sizes, including the small to mid-market and the Fortune 500 as well.

With as much as 70% of an organization’s costs being spent on the procurement of goods and services, procurement has long been viewed as a potential source of savings for a company.

Wisely, in these challenging times, leading organizations are looking to procurement to assist them in making intelligent business decisions and executing on new business strategies.

We assist organizations with using procurement strategically. The specific services related to procurement activities include:

  • Spend analysis and savings opportunity identification
  • Sourcing strategy, including in-source / co-source / outsource strategy / GPO’s
  • Non-traditional and SG&A (e.g., legal, marketing, benefits, capital, etc.) opportunity identification
  • Performance metrics and management systems design
  • Electronic procurement (e-procurement) strategy

We also recognize how the organizational infrastructure of a procurement organization can contribute to the strategic goals of an organization. We offer the following services in this regard:

  • Organization design
  • Procurement process and policy design and analysis
  • Organizational planning / shared services designed for the procurement function
  • Procurement function skills assessment
  • M&A procurement integration support and divestiture planning
Category Management

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We offer both extensive and comprehensive solutions to our Client’s needs for both their short term “tactical” and long-term “strategic” Category Management requirements. Under the leadership of a category manager, each CM project uses cross-functional teams, advanced product knowledge/research and market data to identify product categories and drive category performance improvements.

The goal of Category Management is to improve the specific operating results of our clients. Products and Services are more than just goods being sold; they play an important strategic role as a category or part of a category. A category is a distinct and manageable grouping of products that our clients perceive as interrelated and possibly interchangeable in meeting their needs. Under this premise, category management has some key assumptions: The process involves many interrelated activities. The process must be flexible in order to fit particular companies and situations. The process often reaches beyond the original supplier to include its partner manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and brokers Reducing costs is not necessarily the end goal – goals should focus on the client while improving results and simultaneously improving the relationships between trading and servicing partners. A solid infrastructure – including people, process, information systems and measurement tools – is necessary to attain goals.

Category Management Process:

Our Category Management process is a powerful method of managing categories of spends as strategic business plans, which feed actionable strategic sourcing project pipelines to produce improved business results. It is inclusive, exhaustive, fact-based and encompasses the entire procurement cycle.

By developing a superior knowledge framework to drive capability and accelerate user buy-we combine best-practice strategic purchasing with stakeholder relationship management, cross-functional working, and organizational change management to enable:

  • Understanding of user wants and needs and aligning these with business strategy
  • Management of categories on a business-wide perspective
  • Deep understanding of suppliers and supply markets
  • Creating and delivering incisive category sourcing plans
  • Effective cross-functional and collaborative team working

We use a systematic approach proven within world-class organizations to maximize the contribution procurement makes to the organization’s performance and bottom line results.

Working with you:

Our professional’s work with clients to first analyze spend data and then define suitable categories. We help you design and implement effective processes and governance to ensure alignment within the business for efficient execution. Then working on a category-by-category basis to deliver significant benefits. The process works through cross-functional engagement and participation to ensure optimum results delivery and successful implementation.

Category Management Services:

  • Category Governance: define a structured way of working including decision-making stages utilizing strategic evaluation tools and supplier relationship mapping.
  • Category definition: analyzing spend and supply markets to produce a logical Category Management structure.
  • Category review: reviewing a specific category of spend to identify the opportunities for improvement in terms of pricing, service, specification and / or process.
  • Category strategy: develop demand and supply chain strategies for the category.
  • Strategic sourcing: providing a full strategic sourcing service including sourcing strategy, RFx management, negotiation and contracting.
  • RFx management: providing a full tender management service from drafting and issue through to evaluation, short-listing, negotiations and contracting.
  • Implementation: managing the implementation of new arrangements, managing the change with both internal stakeholders and suppliers.
  • Creating collaborative supplier relationships that inspire innovation.
Capital Projects & Buying

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Our SCM Management Consulting Experts are available to assist you with capital projects and the development of strategies to purchase new equipment and property.  We have a defined approach to ensure that all aspects of costs are accessed prior to agreement – this includes a detailed statement of work (SOW), supplier sourcing, bid packages, analysis, supplier selections and final negotiations to ensure the lowest possible cost using a fully transparent TCO – total cost of ownership model.